Trend and Technology Insights
Digital and automation technology is set to make an impact in the near future.

With technology becoming more and more integrated into everyday life, it’s no surprise that projections for these markets are riding high. Through our in-depth analysis that brings insights, trends, and forecasts markets, we help investors looking to enter the emerging technology areas and want to put money into. We help firms and investors take bold visions and decisive action with the confidence that comes from our market insights. We are tracking as many as 130 different technologies to identify the potential of tech sectors and their impact in the next few years that are set to transform in the virtual and the physical worlds, including AI, robots, drones, VR, AR, Blockchain, 3D printing, the IoT, among others. We also identify nine strategic trends steering the tech sector that it sees having a significant impact on how people live and work over the next five to ten years. These include distributed cloud, AI engineering, privacy-enhancing computing, hyper-automation, and cyber security mesh.

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